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...and with us, rediscover automation. "Faster - More accurate - KehraTec", this is the incentive with which we carry out large projects. The dynamics of our company are unique as is the nature of our implementation. Convince yourself!

We are a medium-sized company based in Werdohl in the southern, Westphalian part of the Sauerland region. As a specialist in the field of automation technology, we develop innovative solutions for our international customers. Our machines and robots perform operations quickly and with optimum security, regardless of whether they are to do with logistics processes, the flow of material in general, or fields related to traffic engineering. Our development solutions therefore also include tasks which accompany and execute construction work and tasks related to factory automation and automated measurement and control. Especially in the area of manufacturing automation, our machines automatically control material flows and production processes.

„He who always does what he already can do, always remains what he already is“. Henry Ford

Our customers are demanding and our requirements are high. Especially when it comes to servicing and set-up times. This calls for rapid implementation using highly automated solutions that optimise processes. In doing so, costs are reduced and a high level of quality continues to be provided. Our sophisticated machines and robots guarantee this. This not only applies in the field of quality assurance that is becoming increasingly important, but we offer our customers innovative systems in the field of health and safety at work.

It is precisely here that new solutions are found, or coupled to existing systems. This way, control functions (such as feedback from process and production data) can be coupled to ERP systems. Similarly, we rely on an individual combination using gripping, conveying, inspection and feeding technologies, as well as robots and assembly technology. We offer our clients the development and construction of individual system solutions that are specifically tailored to their product and/or application.


Our team of engineers and designers will advise you with competence in a way that understands needs. During the consultation process, the latest design technology can be accessed. As such, planning processes can be represented approximately during the development phase. With professional technical knowledge, our team is always there for you in an advisory capacity during the development of the process.


Our visualisation tools simplify complex strategic planning and analysis tasks. Together with you, we are able sketch out options related to your process optimisation plans using different process technologies. Employing the latest technology, we are also able to take process-critical sequences into account when planning.


We can respond to your problems in a way which is amazingly flexible. In implementing our work, we are concerned with an optimal automation process and the best possible solution for you. It is not just the construction of new assembly machines, and handling / sorting systems which can provide decisive competitive advantages in your production facility, but also the connection of existing systems.


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We make the impossible possible and constantly exceed existing barriers as a result of innovation and entrepreneurship. We offer our customers cost-effective and time-efficient solutions and in doing so, decisive competitive advantages. Leave nothing to chance: We set cost optimisation and an increase in your efficiency in motion.

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