3D component measuring

With the following evaluation options, hardware components which are specially tailored to your application combined with the 3D vision software that is developed in-house by KehraTec complement classical image processing:

  • Component geometry measurement
    On the basis of significant component data, it is possible to measure the relevant dimensions of your component in 3D
    The positions of surfaces / sections to one another
    The positions of drill holes with reference to reference points
    The angle of edges or surfaces
  • Determining the position of components
    For position tracking robots, it is possible to determine the position and rotation of objects.
  • Surface analysis
    As a result of three-dimensional measurements we are also able to identify small faults in the surface of your components.

Basic applications

For smaller requirements, it is possible for simple, commercially available camera sensors to be used. They are usually available with associated, standard software. They can also inspect several different products in a different way, emit PLC-compliant digital signals in order to select and cover the following tasks:

  • Checking of contours
  • Checking of positions
  • Checking of detailed contours
  • Storing several specimens

Sensors are set up via a PC, operation takes place independently.

High-End applications

For tasks which are more complex, we offer our PC-based optical checking system that runs on Windows with our own database-supported and customisable software. With this system, we are also in the position to integrate different camera, lighting systems, special optics and address different customer requirements. Using this system, it is possible to cover most requirements of an industrial image processing system e.g.:

  • Checking of contours
  • Checking of colours
  • Measuring objects
  • Identifying defects
  • Checking surfaces
  • OCR text recognition
  • Measurement of long, narrow parts with a line scan camera
  • Database system for storing all of the necessary parameters and specimens
  • Recognising the position of components for the gripping actions of robots

Upon request, almost any communication interfaces can be realised with this system.

Compact systems

Solutions for this category can be realised with special compact systems. In addition to analysing the surfaces of components, they are capable of measuring components and are supplied with the camera and lighting components belonging to the system. With these systems, the functional range is considerably more extensive than that of camera sensors:

  • Checking of contours
  • Checking of colours
  • Measuring objects
  • Recognising defects
  • Checking surfaces
  • Storing several specimens

There are various interfaces available for communication e.g. with a PLC or a PC system.

Servicing and conversion of systems which clients already have

Based on contact with customers, KehraTec has already successfully carried out services and conversion / modernisation work on the sorting system owned by PACE.